Disabling Omniture SearchCenter Accounts

SearchCenter: folks seem to love or hate it.  Actually, I haven’t encountered many people that love it.  At best, those who enjoy its advantages in campaign management efficiency see it as a love/hate relationship.  Whether you love it or not, there are all kinds of  reasons that you may want to disable SearchCenter on one or more of your search engine accounts.  This is not difficult to do, but it’s also not as obvious as you might think.

One thing you can not do, at least not after the fact, is pick and choose campaigns within your search engine account that you want SearchCenter to disengage from.  If you are at the campaign level and you hit the ‘pause’ or ‘delete’ button for a given campaign, this will pause or delete it from your search engine account.  So choose carefully which campaigns you import into SearchCenter.

What you can do is disable the whole account. Here’s the routine:

1. In the management console, choose Manage > Search Engines

2. Select all of the search engines you want to disconnect from SearchCenter.

3. Hit the ‘pause’ button above the list.  (This will not pause any campaigns on that search engine, but will just dis-associate SearchCenter from those campaigns.)

4. For each search engine that you have paused, one at a time click the box beside the engine and then click the ‘Edit’ button.

5. Delete your credentials: user name, password, etc. so that SearchCenter can no longer connect with your account on the search engine

Now SearchCenter will no longer try to go in and collect data.  And, you won’t get any nasty surprises from the new auto-sync feature, which is generally helpful but can be a nuisance (or worse) in some cases.  But that’s another story…


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