Pulling Data from Google Analytics API, Pt. 2: Tatvic

Part II in a series looking at getting data from Google Analytics into Excel via the API

Part 1: VBA macros

Tatvic GA Excel Plug-in

The Tatvic GA Excel Plugin requires users to download and install a plugin in order to extract data from the Google Analytics API, unlike the VBA macro approach.  In exchange for this small inconvenience, you get a more robust tool with a built-in interface that makes it easy to grab the data you want.

Installation is intuitive and trouble-free.  Once installed, all you need to do go to the ‘Add-Ins‘ tab in Excel, hit ‘Login‘ and enter a GA username and password.  Click on ‘Add New Data Block‘ and all the accounts and profiles associated with that username will be available for downloading. Pick an account and profile, date range and range breakdown.  This breakdown feature is very handy, as it allows you to, for example, get a year’s worth of data broken down by month – something you can’t do within the GA interface.

Tatvic GA Plug-in screen
Tatvic GA Plug-in screen

After selecting the account, profile and date range you want to report on, next step is to pick your dimensions and metrics.

Tatvic GA Plug-in data selection screen
Tatvic GA Plug-in data selection screen

Hit next and the data lands on your spreadsheet, starting in a cell of your choosing.

Tatvic GA Plug-in data results
Tatvic GA Plug-in data results

Note that in this case I choose to breakdown the data by week, with the weeks being identified as numbers in the output. Not exactly optimal, but with some fiddling with Excel functions, the date for the first day of the week can be derived.

Some of the real convenience factors here include:

  • drop-down list of all available accounts and profiles associated with the username – easy to grab data from multiple profiles in the same spreadsheet file.
  • ability to breakdown time period by day/week/month or year
  • built-in list of all the available GA dimensions and metrics
  • easily add multiple dimensions and metrics, with preview pane showing generally what it will look like
  • can edit reports after the fact if you want to add a metric, dimension, etc.
  • ability to select starting cell, so you can add to existing data over time.

Tatvic GA Plug-in is currently available as a free demo.  Not sure what the future plans are, but at the current price it offers excellent value. Check it out at http://gaexcelplugin.tatvic.com and keep up to date at the Tatvic blog.

2 thoughts on “Pulling Data from Google Analytics API, Pt. 2: Tatvic

    1. Ravi,

      Thanks for pointing out the ‘refresh data’ feature. I agree that it is valuable, and it is explained very clearly in your blog article.


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