Pulling Data from Google Analytics, Pt. 3: Excellent Analytics

Part 3 in a series looking at various tools for getting data from Google Analytics in Excel via the API.

Part 1: VBA Macros | Part 2: Tatvic

Part 3: Excellent Analytics

Excellent Analytics is a free, open-source, plug-in/add-on/client for Excel 2007 designed to make it easy to extract and mine data from Google Analytics.  You can download it from the Excellent Analytics site, and where there is also a page with some instructions for how to use it.  And they even have a short tutorial video.  And there’s a lengthy article with an example over at Web Analytics World.

The only hitch I had with downloading the .rar file was losing track of where the files ended up after extraction. Eventually found them: C:\Documents and Settings\me\Local Settings\Temp\Excellent Analytics .

After running the setup file, you will see a menu item for Excellent Analytics when you open Excel:

Excellent Analytics menu in Excel

Excellent Analytics menu in Excel

Operation is pretty straightforward, intuitive, and offers lots of flexibility in selecting the data you would like to collect.  You can easily set the date range and make multiple choices from the complete list of dimensions and corresponding metrics.  A particularly cool function is the ability to filter data.  In the example below, the filter is set to exclude keywords that based on the company name to focus on product keywords.

Filtering Data in Excellent Analytics

Filtering Data in Excellent Analytics

One thing lacking with Excellent Analytics (unless I missed it) is the opportunity to choose how the date is broken down, such as weekly, monthly, etc.  All in all, though, another handy way to grab data from your Google Analytics profiles into Excel for further manipulation.

3 Responses

  1. An improved date selector is on our list of future improvements. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to playing with this!

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