Choosing KPIs: Visitors or Visits?

Recently had a client situation where we were providing the client with monthly organic visitor numbers to their ecommerce site. One of my colleagues showed me a report received from the client, which had the same data, but marked as ‘visits‘.  So that got me thinking…what do they really want to measure here: visitors or… Continue reading Choosing KPIs: Visitors or Visits?

3 Charts for a Potent PPC Dashboard

Whatever tool(s) you use to manage your PPC campaigns – search engine interfaces, desktop clients, campaign management software, or some combination – you get a lot of analysis and reporting power.  However, virtually all of these tools still come up short in terms of providing concise yet insightful overviews of PPC activity that can be… Continue reading 3 Charts for a Potent PPC Dashboard

Dissatisfaction with Web Analytics Vendors

The Web Analytics Association presented its 2010 Web Analytics Industry Outlook in a webinar on Jan. 13.  The information presented was based on a survey of WAA members as well as the broader web analytics/online marketing community conducted in Nov, 2009.  Lots of interesting stuff on this growing, evolving industry, with an overall sense of… Continue reading Dissatisfaction with Web Analytics Vendors