Dissatisfaction with Web Analytics Vendors

The Web Analytics Association presented its 2010 Web Analytics Industry Outlook in a webinar on Jan. 13.  The information presented was based on a survey of WAA members as well as the broader web analytics/online marketing community conducted in Nov, 2009.  Lots of interesting stuff on this growing, evolving industry, with an overall sense of optimism about future potential for web analytics as emphasis gradually moves away from data collection to data-based business decision-making.

Here’s one chart that I found particularly interesting:

customer satisfaction with web analytics vendors

Source: web analyst survey undertaken in Nov, 2009 presented in webinar "WAA Survey Outlook 2010 Report", Jan 13, 2010

This was presented as a positive result for large scale solutions, with the commentators noting that the large players have a higher ratio of satisfaction than almost all other categories, except for free analytics.

If I was a large vendor, though, I wouldn’t be too quick to pat myself on the back. In fact, I’d be very nervous about this result.  Applying the philosophy that ‘only the paranoid survive’, I’d be horrified to note that almost 25% of customers are not satisfied: almost 1 in 4! That is not a foundation on which to build a successful business.  

Even scarier: more users are satisfied/less users are not satisfied with FREE solutions!  People who are paying thousands of dollars per month for web analytics solutions are LESS SATISFIED than those who are paying $0.

Now, maybe this is a function of expectations being higher for expensive, large scale solutions. Perhaps those using such tools are more sophisticated in their requirements.

Any way you want to spin it, though, with the narrowing of the gap between the capabilities of Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, etc and SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, etc, if I were one of the latter, I’d be working harder than ever to keep my customers happy…while looking over my shoulder.

[Note: WAA members can access an archived version of the webinar, and/or download the slide deck in the members area of the WAA website (eventually).]


2 Responses

  1. Interesting stats – I think perhaps expectations of paying customers have grown as belts have been tightened over the last couple of years.
    The only thing about this particular graph is the lack of cross-over between free solutions and size. What about free small solutions? What about free large solutions? If a solution is free, capacity and sophistication are irrelevant?
    Note – this is a pet peeve – I work for Yahoo! Web Analytics 🙂

  2. Agree with your point – ‘free’ is a broad category that covers lots of tools of various levels of sophistication. I’m assuming that the data here is weighted toward Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics, but hard to say for sure.

    Thanks for the comment!

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