John Yuill web analytics specialist kelowna bc

Catbird Analytics is my online professional notepad.  It’s where I collect observations and resources related to using  web analytics to get in the ‘catbird seat’ in terms of managing online marketing.

This resource is an extension of my work as a web analyst at Electronic Arts, where I aim to improve data-driven decision-making for EA Sports Online.

– John Yuill



3 Responses

  1. Hi John,

    I realized you are writing a post on our excel plugin to pull data from Google Analytics. With all honesty , I am very thank full to you for choosing our tool apart from other tools to talk about.

    Since the blog post on google analytics blog, we have made significant improvements in the tool and we have new version available.

    Can I send you new version and request you to review that instead of the version that you might be using now ?


  2. Ravi,

    Wow, sorry for taking so looong to respond. 😦

    Definitely if you have a new version I’d love to have a look at it and update my review accordingly.



  3. Hello, do you know any recommended forum about web analytics? I got lots of questions.

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