New Google AdWords Interface: Countdown is On

Not quite ready to switch over completely to the new Google AdWords interface? Better get ready, because Google is advising advertisers that in 30 days (give or take) the old interface will be gone for good.

Google has been rolling out the new user interface for AdWords over the past 6-8 months, offering advertisers the opportunity to switch back and forth between the traditional interface and the beta version of the new interface.  The new interface has some attractive features and makes it much easier to move around from campaign to campaign, ad group to ad group, for example.  Some users prefer it to the traditional interface, some not so much. But whatever your preference, the old interface is on it’s way out.  Google is sending out emails to account holders advising them of the upcoming upgrade but stating that “you’ll have at least 30 days from the date of this email before you’ll be required to use the new interface.”

Old AdWords Interface

Old AdWords Interface

New AdWords Interface

New AdWords Interface

Google has also provided some helpful resources to assist users in making the switch, these suggestions mentioned in the email:

* Review the new interface microsite to get a quick overview of the changes and watch videos demonstrating the improvements:

* Our “Getting Started Guide” will give you an overview of major new features and their benefits. You can download a PDF at:

* Wondering how to complete common AdWords tasks in the new interface? Visit our “How to” guide at:

* Search a full set of frequently asked questions in the Help Center for the new interface:

Despite some dissatisfaction, on balance this can be seen as an improvement that enables advertisers to more easily manage campaigns.  If you have any particular complaints or tips to offer, please let us know!