Dual-Axis Charts: Better Alternatives

Alternatives to Dual-Axis Charts In a previous blog post called 'Dual-Axis Charts: Temptations, Traps, Tips', I went through some of the pitfalls of using dual-axis charts. These are charts where you want to compare two metrics or data attributes but there are vastly different scales involved, so you reach for a layout with two y-axes… Continue reading Dual-Axis Charts: Better Alternatives

Dual-Axis Charts: Temptations, Traps, Tips

The Temptation of Dual-Axis Charts Sometimes when we are trying to show relationships over time between two dimensions of the same metric, or two separate metrics, we run into a situation where differences in the scales involved make it difficult/impossible to really tell what is going on using a standard line chart. One solution we… Continue reading Dual-Axis Charts: Temptations, Traps, Tips